Sport plays a vital role within the education system as it serves as an informal and fun way to reiterate the lessons and core values taught within the classroom.

At Nizamiye Primary and High School, Midrand, we offer students the opportunity to participate in group sports such as soccer, netball, cricket, volleyball, tennis and table tennis

Sport is the best arena to encourage growth and overall physical health of our students.  They not only join the school’s sports teams but are also encouraged to play sports during and after the school day.

Students are taught through co-operative learning within the field to create social connections and people skills.  These skills extend to the classroom where skills such as teamwork, respect and understanding of student’s differences are valued.

Physical activities provide an outlet for students anxiety and excess energy therefore increasing levels of concentration.  Sport is a means of combining classroom behavioural aspects as well as motor skills required for writing and other everyday tasks with athletic capacities.