Access to completely functional Computer Rooms, Science Laboratories, Art Department, Progressive Learning Classrooms and a brand new Library, allows learners the freedom to exercise their time productively, experiment with new and exciting ideas and offers them the chance to broaden their horizons through knowledge. 

We have a 7-Aside Indoor Astro Soccer Field, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Netball Courts located on our premises.  We also have an Astro Play and are currently upgrading the fields for Track and Field activities. Our learners play soccer, cricket, tennis, netball, basketball, table tennis and recognise the importance of teamwork. 

Fully monitored boarding facilities are provided for all Senior phase learners in a homely and serene environment.  The hostels have a study/prep area and during their free time, the boys enjoy the use of the gym or watch television or play computer games or sports.

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