Fee Structure For 2022


R 3 500,00
(Once-off non-refundable; non-deductible to be paid within 14 days of acceptance)

R 39 200,00

per annum

R 42 900,00

Tuition Fee per annum

R 49 000,00

Tuition Fee per annum

R 28 000,00

per annum

(High School Only)

2nd Learner : 5%, 3rd Learner: 10%, 4th Learner: 15%


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  1. Fountain Educational Trust has adopted the following Admission Policy for its schools (Nizamiye Schools) in South Africa. 
  2. Nizamiye Primary & High School, Midrand, in its Language Policy, is a single medium school and the language of instruction is English. Accordingly, learners admitted to the School will need to be sufficiently proficient in English so as not to prejudice their academic progress.
  3. The School provides a racially, culturally and socio-economically diverse environment, with provision made to encourage access to all learners. 
  4. No form of unfair discrimination will be practices in the selection of learners to the School.

ApplicationAll applications are required to be made in writing on the School’s prescribed application form, together with documentary proof requested to be annexed thereto. After the application, the Applicant will be given a date to write the ‘School Entrance and Admission Exam / Scholarship Exam. 

Entrance / Scholarship ExamAll High School Applicants will be seated for an Entrance / Scholarship Exam and all Primary School Applicants will be assessed by a Skill’s Evaluation Test. 

InterviewAn interview will be conducted with the Parent / Guardian and Applicant. Interviewing takes place in the second / third term for admission in January of the following year. 

PlacementAfter initial acceptances are confirmed by school, the registration fee is required to be paid to secure placement at the School. 

  • Completed Application Form stating all requirements, dormitory, aftercare, etc. 
  • Copy of the Applicant’s Birth Certificate; 
  • Two photos of the Applicant; 
  • Most recent school report; 
  • Copy of the Parent / Guardian’s ID Document / Passport; and §   Payslip of the person responsible for the school fees. 
  • Clinic Card of Applicant; 
  • Proof of Residence of Payee; 
  • Proof of Employment of Payee; 
  • Copy of Payee’s ID Document; 
  • School Fee Payment Plan; and 
  • Transfer Card (Original to be submitted at the end of the year). 

Application Form For The Year 2022 Can Be Downloaded  Here