From Grade RRR up to Grade 12

Nizamiye Primary and High School, Midrand is an innovative private school with an Islamic ethos, offering world-class facilities in the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phases.  Classes range from Grade RRR up to Grade 12.

Words can only describe our school so much.  A visit will let you experience it.

Little More About Us

Our Vision

To offer all children a quality education with a holistic approach of nurturing and encouraging each child’s moral, religious, physical and educational well-being irrespective of race, religion or background.


Our Mission

To develop individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, and are productive and innovative, with a broad worldview and respect for human values…

Ethos & Values

Ethos are formed on a desire to learn, participate and compete at the highest levels so as to fulfil ones potential.  The learners are encouraged to strive and achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with involvement in sporting and cultural activities…


School Features

Access to completely functional Computer Rooms, Science Laboratories, Art Department...

We offer learners sports such as soccer, netball, cricket, volleyball, tennis and table tennis...

Fully monitored boarding facilities are provided for all Senior phase learners in a homely environment.


The outdoors is equipped with a sports ground, a park area, streetlights and security cameras.


Our educational process is based on a game method, we provide our lessons with funny active games.


We are interested in developing the social activity of our students, so we hold many events for our kids.

Frequently Asked Questions